Construction Procurement Essays

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Procurement in Construction


Statement of the intent:

In this study the special consideration has been paid on to the identification of major procurement process for the construction companies. The impact of e marketplaces has also studied that whether it is profitable for the construction companies or not. The area of Chile has been considered with a view of understanding the impact of e market place on the supply chain of construction companies. It is very new concept which can definitely put its impact at the supply chain process of construction companies. It could be cited that the outcomes of this study could be treated as guidelines for other companies and it might help on the ground of including the e market place for the regular transactions (Goulding, 2005). Here in this report the important sections to be included are review of literature, research problem, research methodologies and conclusions. With the help of these sections the critique has been done in an appropriate manner.

Importance of research:

The importance of this research is very immense as it is focusing upon the most crucial changes into the construction industry. Till now the construction industry has focused upon the traditional form of dealing with the procurement process but now the innovative business practices has taken place. Thus with the help of this study the intellect about such platforms could become clear. With the help of this study the readers can definitely get familiar to the new changes and recent trends into the construction industry (Haig. 2002). Further the construction companies can also try to make alignment with new techniques of procurement and can improve their operations.

Outline of the study and definition of key terms:

This study is case study specific and the results have been drawn by gaining learning from that case study. The research philosophy here is the interpretive research philosophy as the impact has been assessed in effective manner. Further due to the nature of report the inductive research approach has been taken into special consideration. Through inductive approach the impacts could be observed and then it could be analyzed critically in effective manner. Literature review is completely revolving around the procurement process in the construction industry and comparison has been done in both e market place and traditional supply chain process. The primary data has been collected from the employees of construction companies. The data collection process in current scenario is through questionnaire technique. The respondents have filled the questionnaires so that the relevant information about the impact of e market place could be gathered. With respect to the collection of secondary information the researcher has relied upon the online sources and other relevant articles published with respect to construction industry.

Here the key term used is the e market place which represents the availability of online platform in purchasing or placing the order for required raw material. E market place has a collection of various suppliers and vendors so that the connectivity could be improved and operational requirements could also meet out quickly (Hjørland, 2005). It helps in establishing the business to business relationship among participants as mentioned in the critique article.


Writing style:

The role of writing style is generally is very crucial in any research paper. It is to ascertain that as in every research the topic, objectives and aims never remains the same so some sort of differences could be noticed in writing style as well. If the writing style is proper then the research can convey the actual idea behind the selection of study and the outcomes at the end of report could also promoted in front of readers. Here the style of writing is very simple and most importantly the researcher has tried very well to establish connection between the content of the study. The paragraphs are written in very precise manner and are providing the intellect about the subject matter only. In writing style the researcher has avoided the unnecessary description about any content or topic. This particular feature got success in connecting the people towards the research (Hoy, 2009). Next the vocabulary used into the study is also quite professional as per the industry and sentence formation is also quite simple and understandable. Thus the writing style is quiet impressive and appreciable.

Research title:

The title of the study is analyzing the impact of using an E-marketplace in the construction supply process and lessons from a case study. The topic is quiet focused and seems to be too big. The title allows staying focused on the construction industry and e market place. It has been designed in very painstaking manner. The researcher is focused on analyzing the impact straight away. The title is helpful in answering so many questions related to improvement in procurement process by using E market place, comparing the traditional supply process with the E market place, assessing the positive as well as negative impact etc. Overall the title is clear and is helpful in guiding the research into desirable way.

Author credentials:

The authors of this study are Luis F. Alarcon, Sergio Maturana and Ignacio Schonherr. The main author is professor in engineering department and handles the construction engineering department. Another author is also a professor but teaches into the industrial and system engineering. Thus the description of their qualification suggests that the authors are highly experienced into the discussed industry and specific management field. The contribution of these authors is very huge with respect to justify with their study. The authors of the study are highly educated and possess deep knowledge about the subject matter. They have maintained the high level of professionalism and integrity while conducting the current research. It is clear that the researchers have put their complete efforts and dedication in completing the study.


According to Jonas, (2007) the abstract is very crucial section of the study as it helps on the ground of taking the glimpse of the study. Every line and statement written inside the abstract section should help in understanding the real essence of the study. Generally abstract includes the briefing of main methodology section; aims and objectives and most importantly the findings also come into existence in very brief manner. Here in this report also the abstract has been written in logical manner. The researcher has start from explaining about the importance of procurement process and role of e marketplace within the constriction supply process. Ahead the main aim of the study has been described into the abstract section (Jonas, 2007). Next the sampling and data collection process has also explained into the abstract section of current study. There is very small description of findings or results if the study which is very significant part of the abstract. Overall the abstract has been written in appropriate manner.


Research problem, purpose and significance:

These are some very significant elements of every research report. There is huge requirement of ensuring the availability of research problem statement as it increases the effectiveness of entire report at very large scale. The purpose of the study provides the guidelines to the researcher and significance of the report has relevancy with its contribution in various research areas. Here in this study there are as such no indications of any problem statement. The report is just normally focusing on the subject matter and but the purpose of the study is clear and precise. The main purpose is to understand the impact of recent trend on any industry like in current scenario the recent trend is E marketplace and industry is construction industry. Here in this report the comparison has been done between the traditional supply chain process and e market supply chain process. Thus it might help in bringing the change in the procurement decision making of various construction companies (Muijis, 2010). Another significant aspect could be available for the students of supply chain who can understand the significance and role of web platform in improving the procurement process in construction companies. It is something that helps on the ground of providing the useful outcomes to the construction companies. In some areas some of the specific figures and graphs have been shown which are helpful with respect to strengthening the reliability and validity of the report. Therefore these are significant aspects of the current study.

Literature review of the study:

It is most essential element of the study which gives basis for the identification for research gap. According to Merriam, (2009) it is highly required to focus on the section of literature review as it has direct relevancy with the collection of secondary information. In the section of literature review the researcher tends to study the previous researcher and articles that help in gaining the detailed knowledge about the subject matter. It is to acknowledge that with the help of literature review it become easier to understand the topic form different dimensions. Mainly if the nature of report is qualitative then the role of literature review becomes more specific as it acts as basis for the research outcomes as well (Kuada, 2012). The researcher needs to gather the literature review form most reliable sources else it can minimize the quality of report and unnecessary information can deteriorate the quality of information as well. In current scenario the researcher has make well use of these fundamentals while conducting the literature review. The information about each and every concept has been given in detailed manner. To explain the subject matter in more logical and easiest manner the case study has been included. The literature review has been done form the most reliable sources (Merriam, 2009). Mainly the sources are relevant to the construction industry and cover the supply chain process as well. The headings and sub headings have been framed in well structured manner so that the interest level of the readers could be developed. However the literature s mot so big as the lots of information could have been missed. In current scenario the literature review is critical as well as it includes the opinions and viewpoints of various researchers. The role of e market place within the procurement process of constructi0on industry has been explained in an articulated manner along with the comparative study of traditional form of obtaining the raw material and new method of obtaining the raw material (Martin and Guerin, 2006). Thus the literature review section has been constructed with less flaws and issues.


This section must gain huge priority if the researcher is dedicated to justify with the outcomes of research report. The methodology section includes the scientific terminology which is not understandable by the common people (McBurney and White, 2009). These terminologies must be clear to every researcher as it provides the strong bass to the research report. The section of research methodology includes the research philosophy, approach, data collection and aims and objectives of the study. All these elements of research methodologies must be selected in an effective and appropriate manner. Identification of suitable research methodology is based on various aspects like the purpose of research report, individuals thought process and most importantly the aims and objectives of the study. In current scenario the interpretive research philosophy has been used so that the impact of one factor on another factor could be identified. It allows to assess the various impacts may be positive or negative (Pennink and Jonker, 2010). The title of the study indicates towards the learning from case study so here the case study design has also used so that the analysis of case study could help in developing the intellect with respect to the subject matter. Further the aims and objectives are also clear. The aim is revolving around the assessment of benefits of e marketplace in supporting the supply process of construction companies (Bryman & Bell, 2011). The hypothesis framed in current scenario is related to testing the attitude or perception of Chile’s construction companies towards the benefits of e market place. It is most crucial hypothesis which can provide the situation analysis of possible development of e marketplace in the Chile’s constriction industry. Another important hypothesis is that to measure the compatibility of the structure of company with their decision making to the procurement of raw material by using web platform (Plant, 2000). The data collection procedure is very prevalent as the researcher has relied upon the questionnaire technique. Thus the methodology section is quiet logical and justifiable.


The expediency of proper sampling is very huge with respect to ensuring the reliability and authenticity of the report. As per the viewpoint of Flick, (2009) it is to acknowledge that in case of ineffective sampling procedure the researcher may approach wrong kind of people and it can hamper the quality of report. This particular factor has been considered within the current scenario. The sampling has been done through random sampling procedure but all the respondents belong to the construction industry only. Thus it provides the accurate situation about the role of e market place within the Chile’s construction industry. Here the sample size is 70 professionals selected from the 25 companies. The companies have been shortlisted form the list of 89 companies and it just help in gathering the relevant information. (Flick, 2009)

Ethical considerations:

In order to increase the genuineness of research report outcomes there is strong requirement of the focusing upon the ethical issues. As mentioned by Daff, (2011) that if the researcher has constructed the report ethically then it definitely helps on the ground of increasing the rating of report and reference rate of report from other research fraternities also increased. The current report seems to be constructed ethically. The only evidence which corroborates for the ethical consideration of current report is that it has been published into the Journal of management in engineering. The journal is highly reputed and only published the highly authentic reports (Daff, 2011). Thus it suggests that the report is completely plagiarism free as there is no evidence of any kind of copied content. Further the details of respondents have also kept secret. Hence current report has shown its relevancy to the ethical issues.

Data collection method:

In order to analyze the data there is need of first collecting it. The process of data collection is very crucial as it helps in creating the base for the analysis process. It is something that might help on the ground of conducting the report and continuing it till the end as cited by Damanpour And Damanpour, (2001). There could be two types of data collection primary and secondary. In current report both sources has been used to gather the information. The literature review has been done with the help of secondary sources of data collection and for the purpose of primary data collection the questionnaire technique has been prioritized by the researcher.

Validity and reliability of report:

Here in current scenario it could be stated that the report is highly reliable and valid on the ground of research outcomes. The reason behind the high level of reliability is that the sampling has been done in proper and effective manner. The respondents belong to the construction industry only who understand the nature of market for the construction companies and they have quiet well knowledge regarding the subject matter. Thus the sampling procedure contributes hugely into the increment in validity and reliability of report (Damanpour And Damanpour, 2001). Further the data analysis techniques have also applied in painstaking manner.

Data analysis:

To analyze the data the companies have been segregated on the basis of their structure and most importantly the size of the construction has also taken into special consideration. Further the responses of respondents have been calculated on the percentage basis and vary as per the questions. In questionnaire some variable like increase in productivity, transparency and control has been taken. Thus in this way the data analysis has been done in an appropriate and effective manner (Dey, 2002).


The overall findings of the study indicate towards the mix impact of e market place on the supply process. The variables have been measured with the perspective of positivity and negativity with regards to the possible impact of e market place. Most of the respondents show their huge level of confidence towards the benefit of e market place in the increment in transparency. It suggest that whatever order has been placed that could be easily tracked by the construction company and records could be kept for future reference. Other than transparency the increment in control over the order processing has also gained priority by the respondents. It has been perceived that if the order has been placed through web platform then the activities related to the supply chain process could be in more control. The expenses could also come under the control of companies. The quickness could be experienced along with the price reduction upto some extent. The very interesting fact is that in overall perception indicator none of the company or professional (belong to any size or structure) has shown negative impact about the impact of E market place with respect to any variable. It indicates that there is need of implementing the web platform in appropriate manner and it just helps in availing the positive impacts at very large scale.


On the basis of above critique report it could be concluded that in order to complete the research report there is huge requirement of focusing on step by step process. The sections of the research report must be related to each another. Further it also becomes clear that the methodology section must be designed in proper manner else the wrong selection of research methodologies can definitely show its negative impact at the entire research process. The tools and techniques must be applied in justifiable manner. Next the role of writing style, abstract etc. becomes clear. These are certain elements of the research report that affect the research understanding and its presentation. At last the intellect about the appropriate construction of literature review section is the major learning of this study.


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