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The advances in technology have enabled the sharing of large amounts, making it easy to access at affordable cost. That is a big boost to you who is facing problems with your homework. We explore some sources of solutions to physics problems.

  • Web search engines
  • Typing your questions in search engines is the first step. You could find your answer within the first results if it is a question that is widely searched. However, this is usually not the case. What web searches provide is an aggregated result list of websites you could use to find a solution. You may need to be specific and use better keywords in your searches to narrow down your results.

  • Online helpers
  • Many sites provide specialised services at a fee. This usually is a personal online tutor who works the assignment with your, providing step by step answers. They go further to offering explanations on key concepts covered in the assignment. Easily reachable, knowledgeable and often cheaper than physical tutors, online tutors are excellent resources for those stuck.

  • Question and answer sites
  • Using the power of social media, some sites provide platforms where you can directly ask questions and have them answered by websites users. You can search such forums for an instance of your question or post your questions directly and wait for answers. On top of answers, some give links to additional information such as textbooks and videos.

  • Calculators and apps
  • Online calculators abound that do physics calculations. Other software applications also exist that in addition to having inbuilt calculators provide links to resources, videos, and guides. Textbook publishers also offer such apps which offer more visual and easier ways of interacting with their content. Most of this apps can be installed on mobile phones and computers with some providing content even when offline.

  • Study groups
  • Joining study group with other students is a great avenue to solving homework problems. By sharing knowledge and pooling diverse resources, groups are more adept at dealing with difficult problems. Be sure to join a group which is focused on regular meetings which draw its membership from top students.

  • Textbooks answer booklets
  • Most textbooks have accompanying answer booklets that provide complete answers to questions found in the main textbooks. Conducting a search online for the answer booklets from the same author as your textbook could yield you the booklets and an answer to your homework problems.

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