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Music Concert Experience and Description Essay

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Music Concert Experience and Description On October 19th I attended the State University Symphony Orchestra, State University Wind Symphony, and State University Choir concert, which was sponsored by the State University School of Music and Dance and was also held at in the Smith Recital Hall. Harold Warman conducted the SU Symphony Orchestra and the SU Wind Symphony while Frank Almond conducted the
SU Choirs. Dr. Frank Almond is a Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities at SU. Professor Harold Warman has been conducting orchestras for the past thirty-six years. He has taken groups to…show more content…

This is a set of four poems from Irving Fine. The choir first read the poems and performed them after. Following the SDSU Chamber Signers, the SDSU Concert Choir performed "Muie Rendera" by C.A. Pinto-Fonseca and "Regina Coeli" by W.A. Mozart. All together there were about 50 concert choir singers, and about 17 chamber singers.

After the intermission the SDSU Wind Symphony performed "Flourish for Wind Band", "Toccata Marziale", and "Symphony No. 2". Ralph Vaughn Williams created Flourish for Wind Band along with Toccata Marziale. Both of these pieces feature a modern expressive style. Flourish for Wind Band was first performed on April 1, 1939 to lift the spirits of the English as Germany was threatening to take over their land. It has a very upbeat rhythm and melody due to the fact that it was supposed to help cheer up people. It seems to flow in the same pattern Toccata Marziale was created in 1924. Symphony No. 2 was composed by John Barnes Chance around 1961 and consisted of "Sussurando-Energico", "Elevato" and "Slancio". The last three pieces all ran together and seemed to have the same volume, form and tempo. After listening to the wind symphony play I was very impressed with their ability to keep up pace because all of the pieces performed had very fast tempo and rhythm although there wasn't really any instances of leading melody, all of the

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