Becquer Amor Eterno Analysis Essay

   Part one consists of the first verse.  The verb "fit"suggests a provocative sexuality and a love perhaps.  "Fit"evokes belonging.  However, parts two and three deconstruct this notion of union.

    Part two is verse two.  Thesimile contained in verse two conveys a shocking image to the reader, creating the poem's shift.  The idea of "fitting" like  a hook into an eye suggests pain, torture, and unwanted contact.  The simile also implies that the "you"the speaker (presumably the poet) is referring to is the hook--an aggressor.  The speaker is the eye--all seeing and yet vulnerable as she is easily penetrated by the hook.

     Part three is the second stanza (verses three and four).  It clarifies the imagery created by the simile in verse two.  The reader now sees the image of a fish hooked in the eye.  Although the poet does not specify that the eye is indeed a fish eye, the reader is compelled to accept this vision.  The image of "an open eye" in verse four heightens the sense of pain and awareness of the relationship dynamic between the "you" and the speaker.

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Eternal love

The sun could cloud forever;
The sea could dry in an instant;
The axis of the earth could be broken
Like a faint crystal.
Everything will happen!
Death can cover me with its funereal mourning cloth;
but it could never extinguish in me
the flame of your love

by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Amor eterno

Podrá nublarse el sol eternamente;
Podrá secarse en un instante el mar;
Podrá romperse el eje de la tierra
Como un débil cristal.
¡Todo sucederá!
Podrá la muerte
cubrirme con su fúnebre crespón;
pero jamás en mí podrá apagarse
la llama de tu amor

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

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