City Life Essay 300 Words Short

Life in a big city is often said to be very tiring. It is because distances are long and those who have to go some other place for the purpose of purchases, seeing some relative or friend or work, have to remain on the road for a long time, sometimes, for hours together.

There is too much traffic on the roads in a big city. There is always the possibility of an accident if we loosen the grip over our vehicle even for a moment. Then there is so much pollution in a big city. So many vehicles which run on petrol or diesel pollute the atmosphere. There is also so much noise on the roads and in markets.

There is also an acute housing problem in a big city. Many people have to live in slums, huts, shanties, and small houses. There are often so many places worth seeing in a big city. One does not generally get bored. There are also great employment avenues in a big city for all kinds of people educated, skilled, semi­skilled and even unskilled.

In a big city, there are so many schools, colleges, universities and institutions of all kinds where one can get good education according to one’s taste and aptitude. Then there are so many libraries where one can gain more and more knowledge.

There are so many hospitals and dispensaries in a big city where one can get quick medical aid of all kinds. Then there are also so many nursing homes run by specialists of various diseases.

There are so many museums, exhibitions and magic and other shows where one can get recreation as well as an opportunity to enhance one’s knowledge. So, a big city has some merits as well as demerits. It depends upon our own attitude how we look at a big city.

627 words short essay on Country Life and City Life. Everything in this world has its plus points and minus points, its merits and demerits, its advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect, nothing gives complete satisfaction. This is true to life in country and city. Whatever we find in villages is not available to the people living in cities and in the same way what privileges the people of city enjoy are distant dreams for the villagers.

Life in cities is quite different from the life in villages. The villagers enjoy fresh air, scenic beauty, a life free from hassle and tension but much more remains to be fulfilled. The people in cities have all the amenities of life available to them; they have to pay heavy price for them.

The first major problem in Delhi is the problem of housing. A middle class family of four or five members has to accommodate in a box like room in slums. Many underprivileged persons became permanent slum dwellers with no place to call their own. They cannot afford roof above their heads. We do not have to face any such problems in villages. People have sufficient space to live in with proper source of light and sun shine in their houses which is rare for a middle class and lower middle class people in cities.

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Pollution is a big challenge in cities. There is environmental pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, etc. in cities while the villagers get fresh vegetables, fresh water, pure milk and fresh air which are good for health and fitness. Again, the villages are free from din and dust, noise and clamor and smoke and heat of cities. A village is very close to nature. Life in villages is laidback and calm. There is no tension or pressure for anything. People have time to meet and greet to each other. Social bonds are stronger in villages. People are innocent and simple. They are not familiar with malpractices which are rampant in urban society. A village is an embodiment of simplicity, innocence and honesty. Thus the saying goes rightly that God first made the country and then the city.

Life in city is madly busy. From dawn to dusk, people are chasing after their targets. Nobody has time for others. We do not know about our immediate neighbors. Neither do we have any interest to have any relation with them. Life in cities is utterly materialist completely devoid of emotion and feelings. It would not be wrong to say that life in cities is emotionally sterile. In this respect life in villages is diagonally opposite. There is a bond and relation with all the villagers. If someone has any problem, the whole village is by the side of him. Everyone is so sincere with him that it is difficult to distinguish the relatives and neighbors.

In terms of landscape and scenic beauty, our villages are superior to towns. The lush green fields, the vast meadows, the tree groves, the lonely landscapes, the sight of the clamoring birds and farmers working in the fields are really cheerful and charming. These things are completely lacking in cities.

But there are certain things which certainly make the city dwellers feel proud. We cannot find these things of communication and transport in villages such as telephone, television, metros, etc. Life in cities is full of comforts. We have various means of recreation and entertainment like multiplexes, coffee-houses, theatres, restaurants, clubs and other centers of art, culture and civilization in cities. The villagers do not know about many such things.

Thus, life in towns and villages is in stark contrast with each other. What is the privilege of one is rare to other. Still life is enjoying both in villages and cities in their own way. That is their distinct identity.

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