Natural Beauty Bangladesh Essay Format

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Beautiful Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh

 is a small country in south-east . It’s neighboring countries are , , Srilanka and . She got her freedom on 16thDecember,1971 at the cost of supreme  sacrifice of many valiant sons. On that day we became free from the Pakistani rule. The ancient city, is the capital city of . People of different religions live here. They are mostly Muslim, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. People of different tribes also live here. As a result they observe different festivals like, Puja, Ei-Dul Azha, Christmas day, Pehela Baishakh etc. The county has a tropical monsoon climate. The country is eriss-crossed by so many rivers and canals. The main rivers of our country are the Padma, The Megna, The Jamuna, The Brahmaputra and the Karnafuli . The land of our country is plain and fertile. Jute , Rice, Tea, Sugarcane, Oilseeds, Fruit, Vegetable, Spices, Wheat, Potato, Tobaco and Cotton are the main crops of the country, Agriculture is the main occupation of the people here. The nature of beauty this green Bangla is the main attraction of the people. The cox’s bazaar sea-beach, The Sundarbans, The hilltracts of Rangamati and the tea gardens of sylhet are the chief attractions of this country. The country has some world heritage sites such as the Shat Gombuj Mosque of Bagerhat, Sundarban, Paharpur etc. After all people of are very much peace loving. 

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Dear jeson,

At first take my cordial  love. How are you? Hopefully  you are fine. I am also fine. In your last letter you wrote about your country and wanted to know about my country. Now I am writing  about my country. Bangladesh  is a full of natural  beauty.  In every part of this country specially  in village site you can see the beauty  of green. There are many attractive natural  beautiful  place also.  You must listened  about cox’s  bazer sea beach which is the longest in the world. and also the beauty of Rangamati and banderbane you will pleased  to see the beauty  of those place. There are so many hills and those are attached  with many green trees.  and also in our country there our the biggest  mangrove  forest in the world which is sunderbone. It’s  form with a lots of trees and  different  animals. There  is also royal Bangol tigers which is the most attractive  to see in the world. we have another beautiful  city which is sylhet. This city is popular  for it’s  beautiful  tea garden in hills. It’s  look so beautiful. and also there are tourist  attractive place like jaflong madhobkondo so many places.  Bangladesh  is called  the land of rivers.  Many rivers  are speared  trough different  side in this country .  The rivers  side is look very beautiful. so  The overall beauty  of our country it’s  astonished  to see.

No more today, write you later. Take care of your self

your friend

shafin mahmud

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