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"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”
– Albert Einstein --

My personal definition would not include “stuff” at all. No one will care (and neither will you) what kind of car your drove or how big your house was when you’re on your deathbed. Your thoughts will not be about your job, the office or how much money you made.

Personal success is defined by how content and enjoyable your life is. That is not to say that challenges and disappointments aren’t included in this. A rich, eventful and challenging life doing what you enjoy and positively affecting others seems to me to be just about right. Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. I know I won’t. In my…show more content…

Past, present and future are all important to keep in perspective. Looking back and not having regrets is extremely satisfying. Your current situation and your contentment with it are also very important, and having goals and milestones to work toward in the future keeps you motivated and keeps life interesting and challenging.

In this age in which we live, success is generally measured by the amount of money you earn, or the amount of wealth or power or number of promotions you’ve accumulated. I find that the older I grow, the more I view the people who are most happy and content with their lives as the most successful. Rich, poor or in between, they’ve tended to treat life as a journey, not a final destination. They took that trip when they were 25 even though they really couldn’t afford it, they ordered the $55 bottle of wine with their filet because they knew that even though it was expensive it would enhance the meal so much more than water would. They took a chance on a start-up company, moved to Europe or Asia and experienced things that most people only dream about. If they managed to grow wealthy from the experience, so much the better. As long as moderation with most things is practiced, things won’t spin out of control.

Bottom line rules for a successful life:
Always try new things.
Listen twice as much as you talk.
Travel as much as you can comfortably afford.
Faith and family always come first —

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Obesity – A Social Problem

Society is an integral part one “self”. Social problems are the root cause for many other problems. Being obese is not anymore a personal problem. It is ripened into a huge social problem. Let’s brush up the problems caused due to Obesity in today’s modern world.

This is an age of modern living, superior technology, luxurious day-to-day, exaggerated money and last but not the least trending obesity. Growing number of cases of obesity has made it into a fully grown social problem. Child obesity is a much talked about topic in today’s era. What could be the cause of this? The modernization of our living has took us to the top of the ladder on one side and it drenches us in a hollow pit called obesity.

The changing life style has brought us into a world of the so called junk foods. These foods are considerable only if there is adequate amount of physical activity. White-collar jobs make us stagnate in a place. Though there is stagnation at work, we could take up initiatives for physical work outs. Rising percentage of obese cases is a red signal for us to stop and think. Obesity knows no boundaries. Any individual who shows least care for his fitness is subjected to obese.

Though dumb, people are adjudged by appearances. Here comes the play of the society in the individual. An obese individual faces a social apathy. Child obesity is still worse. Obese children are highly prone to clownishness. When a child faces this kind of ridicule, he/she is subjected to be grown with a disturbed “self”. With this disturbed “self”, it is very difficult for an individual to attain a happy life. Thus a part of the society is being disturbed. Keeping this in mind, a child should be taught in school as well as at home, about healthy food habits and the importance of keeping himself/herself fit.

Taking a family setting, for instance, an obese wife becomes lethargic and this creates a commotion in the family. A family is an integral part of the society without which a society is nullified. On the other hand, when the husband is obese, equally potential problem arises.

Obesity is an outcome of addictive eating, lack of physical activity, stress, lack of awareness of the medical problems and social problems, etc. On top of all these egoistic problems, there comes the medical problems which are more superficial. If you refer the cause for many diseases, one cause will surely be obesity.

It is an alarming time for us to wake up, stop-by and think. Let’s say no to obesity and say yes to Happiness, long life and physical fitness.

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