Gb580 Unit 1 Assignment

Facebook3IntroductionA Harvard University student, Mark Zuckerberg, came up with an online concept, Facebook, which would forever change the way people would connect online. In his dorm room, Zuckerberg and his fellow students initially created an online platform to connect people within the Harvard community however; Facebook went viral and is currently the top social media website. Facebook is an online forum that connects people with friends and family to share photos, opinions and live content. Additionally, people can chat live, play games and stream livevideos. Facebook has more than 600 million users and serves as one in four for ad displays online (Rayport, 2011). Facebook has become wildly addictive - it can be easily accessed from any online platform and offers unlimited information. Users can get news, retail sales promotions and current events, as well as photos of what people have eaten for dinner. People are drawn to people – Facebook enables users to connect with people they know and people fromthe past. Facebook has two main competitors – LinkedIn and Instagram. While they are similar, there are many differences in content and information. LinkedIn has been known as the professional Facebook. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is focused on the business professionals.LinkedIn users can focus on career highlights, experience and professional marketing.Additionally, job searches, career references and professional articles are available. Instagram ismainly focused on photos; it is Facebook without major social interactions and media advertising. As a competitor, Instagram is based upon simplicity and unlike Facebook, is easily created. Overall, Facebook has higher ratings on ease of use, news and accessibility. Instagram

2Running head: PERSONAL STRATEGIC PLANSince attending Kaplan University, I have been taught the importance of strategicplanning. Strategic planning is important for the overall success of a company. Busi-nesses must strategically plan to stay competitive amongst their competition (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005). Just as important, strategic planning ideology should be applied in an individual’s personal life. I first started my academic career with Kaplan University in hopes of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree so that I could advance in my career and receive the education to start my own business. After receiving my Bachelors of Science in Business Administra-tion, I decided to further my education by enrolling into the MBA program while I still hadthe momentum. I felt like having a graduate degree will help me to be a more competi-tive candidate in my career. Strategic planning allows businesses and individuals to achieve optimum results.This paper will analyze my personal mission and vision statement as well as my environmental factors. The outcome of the analysis will enable me to coin strategies and objectives as well as tactical actions and metrics. Mission Statement

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