Sucrose Nmr Assignment

Spectra Viewer Controls

Zoom In/Out X AxisScroll wheel
Zoom In/Out Y AxisAlt/Option Key + Scroll wheel
Zoom In on AreaAlt/Option Key + Click and Drag around area
Zoom Out CompletelyAlt/Option Key + Click once anywhere on viewer
Move AroundClick and Drag

Zoombox Controls (box in upper left corner)

Move AroundClick and Drag grey selection box
Zoom In on AreaClick on unselected region and drag around new selection
Zoom Out CompletelyClick once anywhere in unselected region
Alter Zoomed AreaClick and Drag on sides of grey selection box


If the viewer is not showing any spectra or is slow, try updating to the latest version of your browser. We have found that Google Chrome is the fastest.

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