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A male human / bar slayer,

Thanks for the replies.

1. I definitely understand that many people recommend the tutors. I had an interview with one last night, and the same question you have pinpointed came up: "what exactly is it that I am looking for from a tutor?" To be fair, I had a similar experience with my previous class, where I was getting customized feedback on my essays. But, it wasn't at the level I expected, and I only received feedback on a few essays. As mentioned multiple times here on TLS, IRACing seems to be an integral part of an answer; one which I seemed to have ignored. Shameless plug: my writing is strong. However, I believe this false sense of security makes me ramble on with "smart" and witty answers instead of a traditional, formatted IRAC answer. I'll need to look around, talk to some tutors and students, and see what I can do about this.

2. PT-wise, I believe my problem is the actual analysis. I was taught an approach by Bar None which I absolutely enjoyed executing, but I believe that, 1) I let myself stall a couple of times during Feb 15 when I realized that my answer wasn't "perfect," and 2) I found myself lacking a strong EXPLANATION in the analysis section of my answers. To elaborate... I'd have a solid outline, I'd make the answer "look" great, and I'd get all of the necessary citations and law into my essays. Then, when it came time to skip to the next paragraph and essentially apply the law to the facts, I'd stall. I clearly remember this happening during PT2, which my scores reflect.

On June 7, 2012, the State Bar of California removed essays and PTs from 2002 - 2006 from its Past Exams page.  I find that unacceptable.  So I found them, and I post them here.

UPDATE:  Looks like more exams were removed, so this site now includes exams through July 2011.

Baby Bar applicants!  I've got you covered here too!  All the way from 2002 - through October 2009.  I include 2007-2009 because the Bar's links for June 2007 - October 2009 were dead.

My SOLE INTENT is to enable students to have free access to the exams that were taken down from the California Bar's web site.  If they restore the exams, I'm happy to take down this page.  Until then, students deserve to have the same free access to these exams as they did before the middle of the current bar season.

While you're here, check out my site.  I've got some good resources to help you with your studies. 

Make good use of the Essays and PTs and good luck on the Bar Exam!

Past California Bar Examination Essays

Past California Bar Examination Performance Tests

Past Baby Bar Essays

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