Robertson Screwdriver Descriptive Essay


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From Canadian inventor P. L. Robertson (1879-1951).


Robertsonscrewdriver (pluralRobertson screwdrivers)

  1. (chiefly Canada) A type of screwdriver having a squaretip, designed to drive a Robertson screw.
    • 1963, Alonzo Wass, Building construction estimating:
      The Robertson-head screw has a square hole in the head, made in three different sizes, and must be driven with a special Robertson screwdriver.
    • 2002, Mark Kearney, Randy Ray, I Know that Name!: The People Behind Canada's Best-known Brand Names from Elizabeth Arden to Walter Zeller[1]:
      The Robertson screwdriver is among the tools found at hardware stores and building supply outlets across Canada.
    • 2007, William S. Peckham and Michael C. Hammar, Never Hang Wallpaper With Your Wife: Decorating and Renovating From a Guy's Point Of View[2]:
      Robertson screwdrivers have colour-coded handles, to make it easy to determine which size you will require.

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