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The first and most important theme is: Love conquers all. Although this idea is sometimes overworked, in this particular work, it is the most prevalent theme of all. No matter how many setbacks Allie and Noah faced, their love always brought them together again. First, they must face the pressures of her parents and their social position. Her mother hid his letters to her and even pressured her to give up painting, a talent that Noah had encouraged. Second, they face a separation of fourteen years in which Noah is shaped by his father, WWII, and his desire to escape his loss of her. Third, they face her engagement to Lon Hamilton who comes from an influential and important family. It’s only when Allie reads Noah’s last letter to her written twelve years before that she knows where her heart lies. Even though they marry and raise a family in the wonderful plantation home, their lives are not without tragedy when their four year old son dies. Finally, Allie’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is the final setback. However, not even it can separate the two of them as Allie’s promise that she will return to him comes true.

The second theme is: Follow your heart. Allie had spent fourteen years in fear of hurting her family and friends if she deviated from the standard way of living for her social class. It was only when she realized that she and Noah were meant to be together that she made the right decision and followed her heart. Noah was convinced that they were soul mates who had lived many lives looking for each other, sometimes finding each other and sometimes not. In this version of fate, Allie would always make a mistake if she failed to recognize Noah as the one she was meant to be with for eternity.

A final theme tells us that you cannot live your life in fear of hurting others. Allie nearly learned this hard way when she almost gave in to her fear of hurting her family and friends by choosing Noah. Her parents had done everything they could to keep her within her social class and eventually to see her married to an influential and powerful man. Fir most of her life, Allie gave in to this pressure. Coincidentally, it took a newspaper article about Noah’s house to make her remember a wonderful summer with him and how much she might still love him. However, she almost gives in to family pressure even after a wonderful few days with Noah. Only with the reading of Noah’s final letter to her written twelve years before was she able to see that it was her life to live. and no one should be able to force her in a direction she didn’t want to go.


This novel is written very simplistically in a reader-friendly manner. And yet, he uses many beautiful metaphors and symbols to highlight the point he wants to make about the love between Allie and Noah. As a result, the reader can’t help but be touched by his rhetoric and his story.


The rising action begins in 1946 one year after Noah Calhoun has returned to his hometown to buy the house of his dreams and restore it to its former magnificence. It ends with his return from the hospital to Creekside where Allie still lives.


The falling action occurs when Noah makes his way to Allie’s bedside on the night of their forty-ninth anniversary and watches awestruck as her promise to him comes true.


The point of view is first person in the first and last chapters when Noah narrates his experiences with Allie at Creekside Extended Care home. In the middle chapters, it is in third person as Noah reads the story aloud to Allie.


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Literary Analysis of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

This book is a great book and it touches ones heart in ways you couldn't imagine. I seriously love this book because I love romantic stories and it's just so cute. The movie is good but the book is better.

Well 'The Notebook' is about a journey of two young lovers Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson who made a passionate summer romance and they were separated because Allie moved to the city. After fourteen years of separation due to World War 2 and class differences. Allie got engaged to a wealthy lawyer, Lon. One day Allie was looking through the newspaper and she spots Noah standing next to the plantation he restored. All of a sudden all these feelings started coming back from when…show more content…

When she opened her eyes, she noticed that their boat was surrounded by Tundra Swans and Canada Geese. She was amazed of how beautiful it was but it was cut short because it began to rain. So Noah paddled as fast as he can to the plantation and he couldn?t help but realize how beautiful Allie looked wet in the rain. When they arrived at the plantation they ran into the house. Noah ran upstairs and gave Allie dry clothes. Then she was trapped in the house because she thought it was unsafe to drive in the rain.

That night in the living room next to the fire Allie and Noah made love like they once did fourteen summers ago. Making up for their years apart, and slept in each others arms that night. The next day Allie?s mother warned her that Lon was here looking for her so Allie left Noah, leaving him as if she where to never see him again and went to face Lon. She told Lon everything and told him that her heart truly lied with Noah. Allie went back to Noah and later on they got married and had a whole bunch of kids and lived there whole lives together. But when they reached their senior years Allie was diagnosed with Alzheimer?s and it got worse through out the years so they moved to a home.
Later on Allie forgot her life, forgot who she was, even forgot who Noah was. Everyday Noah would read to her and she would listen and sometimes she would remember as if she didn?t have the disease. One day as they where having a wonderful day also a dinner for two, Allie?s memory

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